Food Group Calculator

The information below is a guide to the approximate amounts of foods from the Five Food Groups i.e cereals, pulses, vegetables, fruits, dairy products and meat and sugar, oil and fats. The information here focuses mostly on dietary patterns consisting of plant and animal foods. The average recommendations are shown as a per day amount to help make it easier for you to put into practice.
These average amounts provide necessary nutrients required for health and wellbeing.

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Serving size values for reference:

Vegetables 1 serving size=100 grams
Fruits 1 serving size=100 grams
Grains 1 serving size=30 grams
Pulses & Legumes 1 servings=30 grams
Lean meat/poultry/fish/nuts&seeds 1 servings= 100 grams
Dairy products 1 serving=100ml
Fats & Oil 1 serving=5ml
Sugar, Honey & Jaggery 1 serving=5gm

Note: The recommendations are for men and women who are in their ideal weight with sedentary to moderate activity levels and with no medical conditions or allergies.

Disclaimer-Value of serves will vary depending on medical conditions, additional physical activities or during life stages like pregnancy and lactation. Consult your nutritionist before making drastic changes in the serving size of any food group